Biographie - english
Christine Cornier-Langlois, a native of normandy studied music at the Régional Conservatory and subsequently at the Conservatoire intenational and the Ecole Normale de Musique à Paris.

At home with contemporary musical expression, she decided to consecrate her efforts to it. In this connection, her encounter with sir Michael Tippett in 1991 was decisive.

She performed in Paris at l´unesco, Sénat, Péniche-Opéra, Kiron-Espace, Fnac Défense, Eglise Saint-Eustache, Maison de l´europe, Cité Internationale des Arts, Eglise norvégienne de Paris; numerous recitals around the country, including concerts at Perpignan, Céret, Pontorson, Lille, Strasbourg etc...

In europe, shs was invited by the "Merlin International Festival " to play in Budapest, she performed at the Grieg Museum (Trolhaugen) in Norway and off the Bergen Coast in 2011, then two recitals at Berlin during Spring 2012.

Current Norwegian figures prominenly in her programmes. In the framework of a concert that the Norwegian embassy organised at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris ( February 2001) and in Strasbourg at the Musée d´art Moderne ( 21 november 2006 ) with the Norwegian poet Oyvind Rimbereid, she performed the Norwegian composer Harald Saeverud.

Two concerts Piano / voice were performed with the french Actor Julien Rouvière in June 2012 " Baltic Capitals and St. Petersbourg".

Christine Cornier-Langlois lives in Berlin. Two concerts solo at "Unerhörte Musik" im BKA, Berlin : 2012 and 2014 ) at Schwartzsche Villa, Université Oldenburg and Musikstudio Orpheo. With the clarinetist Horia Dumitrache, she performed at Unerhörte Musik in march 2019.

She worked with the composers sir Michael Tippett, Jean-Claude Wolff (4 UA), Michel Sendrez (UA), Stéphane Bortoli (UA), Philippe Hersant, Andreas Staffel (UA), Andris Jansons (UA), Violeta Dinescu, Annette Schluenz, Rainer Rubbert, Martin Daske, Jeau-Luc Darbellay, Jeau-Luc Fafchamps, Gabriel Iranyi, Pèter Köszeghy (2 UA ).
Christine Cornier-Langlois